Newdelhi: The Robust Chinook helicopters of American Air force will be a part of Indian Airforce as well. 4 Chinook helicopters which have the capacity to align even to the high range areas such as Siyachin and Ladak with updated technologies, will became the part of Indian Airforce. Defence Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman will participate in the function organizing at Chandigarh Air station. Airforce captain B.S Dhanova will hand over the helicopters to the force.
These helicopters which had supported U.S Army during afgan, Iraq wars ,is one of the most powerful helicopters among the world. Chinook took its first flight on 1962. Chinook is currently a part of Ai rforce of several countries such as America, Eraan, Italy, japan, Australia, Oman, ect. Chinooks speed is 302km/hour. It has a capacity to bear 10886kg weight and the crew consists of 3 members.Along with the crew members 33-35 army mens also can be accommodated in this helicopter. Indian Air force become more powerful with the entry of Chinook helicopter’s. 4 pilots and engineers were given special training at America to operate the helicopters

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