Are you a kind of person who skips breakfast and have dinner at late night? If yes, this habit may contribute to the increased risk of death and other heart –related problems, researchers says.the European journal of preventive cardiology , suggest that the people following such an unhealthy life style had a four times higher likelihood of early death and increased chances of second heart attack.
For the study the team comprised 113 patients with in a mean age of 60 , of which 73 percent were men. The study enrolled patients with a particularly serious form of heart attack called ST –segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI)According to the team, this was the first strudy to evaluate these unhealthy behaviours in patients with acute coronary syndromes. Skipping breakfast was observed in 58 percent patients , having late night dinner in 51 percent and both behaviors in 41 per cent. To improve eating habits, researchers recommended a minimum two hour interval between dinner and bed time.”A good breakfast generally includes daily products which are fat free, a carbohydrate which includes wheat bread, bagels, cereals and whole fruits” team explained
So For a healthy tommarow don’t skip breakfast. It is considered to be the food to brain. The people can only be healthy and active once the brain gets active. Breakfast wakes up brain by providing required nutrients. So it is not healthy to skip breakfast for any reason.

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