BSc Botany & Biotechnology Course at Thiruvananthapuram National College offers excellent study and employment opportunities for those who want to pursue a higher career in Biology

Trivandrum :BSc Botany & Biotechnology Course at Thiruvananthapuram National College offers excellent study and employment opportunities for those who want to pursue a higher career in Biology.

BSc Botany & Biotechnology is a course that has been running since 2005 at Thiruvananthapuram National College combining advanced and basic biology. BSc Botany & Biotechnology is a course system that ensures learning excellence in the basic science subjects of Botany and Zoology along with Biotechnology, which increases career opportunities in Biology.

BSc Botany & Biotechnology, a double main course, is a rare course that opens up great opportunities for students who want to achieve higher career success in Biology.

A wide range of biotechnology lab systems including cooling centrifuge, laminar airflow, water electrophoresis, incubator, hot air oven and tissue culture lab have been provided for the students. Apart from this, the National College has prepared a unique system like Botany Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Zoology Lab etc.

Students who complete this course can also pursue a master’s degree in applied science subjects such as MSc Biotechnology and MSc Botany. Similarly, it is very easy to choose subjects like Nano Science, Forensic Science, Food Science Aerobiology etc.

In addition to academic studies, final year students are also given training in tissue culture plant production, mushroom cultivation etc. to make students an entrepreneur in biology. The course also helps the students to prepare herbarium which collects various plants and keeps them scientifically along with the study tour as part of the course.

Students who need to become teachers in Natural Science can join BEd after BSc Botany & Biotechnology course.

All the students who have completed the BSc Botany & Biotechnology course at the National College continue their studies in higher education centres such as the University departments and institutes such as ‘Amrita Centre for Biotechnology’ and VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology), which ranks fourth among the Universities in India.

In order to become researchers in the best institutes in India and to increase the research interests of the students and excel in further studies, the students are getting expert services under the leadership of Mr. Shabir Ahmed, Head of the Department of Biotechnology, such as project and paper publishing, which are done only by MPhil or Research students. This year three students completed the project according to their interest and submitted it for publication as a paper.

Students of National College who have completed their higher education are employed in India’s leading biotech companies such as BIOCON, GENEI, IQVIA, INTAS, pharmaceutical companies, environment engineers at Abu Dhabi International Airport, central government institutions such as Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, CTCRI (Central Tuber Crops Research Institute), NIIST (National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology) is also employed in research centres like TBGRI (Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute).

Courses offered:
UG : BSc Biochemistry & Industrial Microbiology, BSc Botany, BSc Computer Science, BSc Electronics, BSc Physics with Computer Application, BCom (Elective-Computer Application), BCom Commerce & Tax Procedure & Practice, BA English & Communicative English, BBA, BSW, BCA etc. PG courses like MSc Biochemistry, MSc Electronics, M.Com (Finance & Accounting), MA English (Language & Literature), MSW** open up excellent career fields for students.

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