Chennai: P. Rajagopal , the founder of Saravana bhavan hotel chains at tamilnadu had sentenced to life time imprisonment for a murder he had committed 18 years before . The verdict was on Friday by Supreme court.The case dates back to 2001 when the accused had hired 8 henchmen to murder prince santhakumar. Santhakumar was the one who married daughter of rajagopals employee. Afterwards the married couple once asked for a financial help to rajagopal and he took the advantage over this by conveying his intrest towards santhakumars wife, jeevajyothi. He started to call her and presented her expensive gifts. According to reports , rajagopal had pursued jeevajyothi, who was then 20, to become his third wife. Rjagopal also revealed his intrest towards jeejajyothi to santhakumar also. Followed by this rajagopal attempted to kill santhakumar once and he spared, he got killed by rajagopals henchmans and his body was found at hill station of kodaikanal. Three years later in 2004, the hotelier was found guilty by sessions court and sentenced to 10 year rigorus imprisonment.The madra highcourt in 2009 set aside the sessions court punishment pointing out that the conviction under section 302 of IPC justified life imprisonment.The apex court order comes10 years after the madras high courts sentence. The S.C bench asked Rajagopal to surrender by july 7.

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