Ernakulam: Three murders took place on same day at ernakulam. It was happened at Paravoor-Puthenvelikkara, Kochi- karimukal, and at perumbavoor. Three people were died on goonda attack. Sangeeth who was 19 years old, the puthenvelikara residee found dead at 9.30pm . Sangeeth and his friend Clinton were on a bike ride and the gangsters catch them and attacked in between. Rivelry was the reason for murder, says police.Koch-karimukal residee suresh was attacked by his neighbor and he died at 8.30pm. Perumbavoor residee Baby (60) was died in between the arguments regarding the ownership of a shop. Close relatives and friends were taken into custody by police for enquiry. Baby was murdered inside his fruit shop near S.N Supermarker at M.M Road , perumbavoor. There were arguments in between Baby and his sister’s children –said police

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