Location stills of the filim directing by Murugadas with Rajani as hero had came out. Rajani who appears in new look can be seen in the pictures.Nayan thara, who is the heroine of the upcoming filim can also seen in the picture.The picture had became viral once it was out. Fans also revealed that it was after a long time that the star is appearing in such an young look. Anirudh ravichandran will handle the area by which rajani appears as a police officer in a song sequence. Snthosh sivan is the choreographer of the filim. The filim is produced by the Lyka productions.This is for the first time that rajani-murugadas team joins for a filim. S.J soorya will play the anti-hero role in the filim. Rajani had acted the role of police officer previously in “pandyan” which was released during 1992.

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