There was a time in India when low caste people’s are didn’t even considered as human’s. yes.. such a time existed. A group of people used to dine in earth-pits.. A group of people who supposed to work for feudal’s sometimes even without wages.. A group of people who are compelled to be slaves..they were considered as low caste peoples. How they become ” Low” in caste? Its nothing but there financial insecurity had made them low caste. Even during centuries back, people who are low in caste by birth, and having much financial support didn’t faced any exploitations and miseries. But the fact is that they were not allowed to make wealth and store it for themselves. And what is the current scenario? The concept of caste still exists in our society. But the approach to low caste peoples had changed..No people in kerala are dining in earth-pits, No people in kerala are working for anybody without wages..Nobody are compelled to be slaves. Of course the caste based reservation practice had played a vital role in bringing out this change. But do we need to fill the pot again even if it is overflowing..? Yes now the scenario had been almost reversed. Many of the peoples who belongs to high caste’s are financially low. And they are not getting any financial support or aids from country just because of being a high caste citizen. Actually on context of current scenario again we are creating the same picture once existed here, the difference is then, low caste people suffered and now, high caste peoples suffering!
Do caste based reservation makes any sence? Irrespective of the caste which they belongs to, man posses same features. Same physical abilities, same cranial capacity, same physiological process then why a peoples born in a particular caste need consideration? Peoples with disabilities should get consideration because they didn’t have equal ability as others. Considerations should be provided for deserved ones.
In central govt funded educational institutions 22.5 % of available seats are reserved for Sheduled caste and scheduled tribe. This reservation percentage has been raised to 49.5% by including an additional 27% reservation for OBC’s so where is the seats for general candidates? Do general candidates have an extra brain to study the courses with out lectures? A scheduled caste candidate will only need to score less than a general candidate to achieve admission on IIT’s and IIM’s.. The average cranial capacity of a human is 1345 grams in males and 1222 in females, whether they belong to SC /ST or general category the size will not change anymore. Then why? Why general candidate need to score more? Reservation aimed at equality. Now see diversity had emerged from the concept of equality itself! SC/ST and general candidates posses the equal brain volume. So the effort they should put to acheieve something also should be equal. But reservation is providing an advantage to SC/ST candidates. What is the justification? The only possible justification for this may be candidates belonging to low caste are having underdeveloped brains, so they should gave consideration!!! But this justification will be a bit funny for common man.
And thought of a candidate who achieve a higher degree by taking the advantage of reservation. He/She only needs a small percentage of score to get admission and to pass examinations. The pass mark for reserved candidate may be the same as the general candidate had scored, still the reserved candidate will get the degree and continue with the profession. How efficient will be the candidate who pass the exam on advantage of reservation? Remember this is also happening in the field of medical education, the most important area since it deals with life . Which means the doctor who holds the degree may be holding it only because of being a reserved candidate. How can we expect him to be an expert? And think about a General candidate who scores heavy marks in accademics, again he has to face challenges to get employed. Reserved candidates again has preference in getting job even though he/she is just pass is accademics. Thus the candidates with good scores and ability will move to foreign nations for employment. The candidates with Minimum marks and less ability will work for our nation. See the controversy, India is providing education for all candidates. By attaining the degrees those having high profile working for other nations and those having less performance are working for india, taking the advantage of reservation. We are exporting talents, and that’s why india had become one of the nations which faces the challenges of Brain draining.
Still there are so many states in India were untouchability and racism still exists. There are people who are supposed to be some ones slaves.But in kerala, the scenario says It as an outdated practice.Rather than promoting Caste base reservation system, it will be more beneficial if reservation is implemented on basis of financial stability of individuals.

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